How things work

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While offering the best price, Purely Cremations still provides families and clients an excellent funeral service in Nelson and Richmond.

Our first priority is always the needs of the family with the service we provide.

How things tend to work

After contacting us we meet with the family.

We go through all the necessary paperwork with the family.  This includes making a time with the crematorium operator for the cremation.

Once the paperwork is completed we are then able to move the body.  Depending on the time of day we will take the body directly to the crematorium.  Otherwise this will usually be done the next morning.

The family are very welcome to come along to the crematorium.

If the family wish to have a short committal service at the crematorium we can do this at no extra cost to the family.

This is a simple funeral service and we pride ourselves on being professional, supportive and meeting the family’s needs.  Please keep in mind that we can also help with a Memorial Service.

Our hope is that it will allow people to remember their loved one, support each other and celebrate their memories.

Please note that if a full service is wanted at the crematorium there is a charge of $250.00 to the crematorium.  This can be arranged when we first contact the crematorium operator.

Purely Cremations will personally return the ashes to the family the next day.