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Cremation is becoming more and more popular.  Not only with the cost benefits overall, but the added flexibility it gives family and friends to celebrate the life of their loved one.  There are also environmental benefits.

Some benefits of direct cremation with a memorial service later:

  • No hearse is needed and the urn can be easily taken to a memorial service
  • Families can take more time to plan a memorial service – there is no sense to rush things
  • In a memorial service the person is remembered in exactly the same way as a funeral service
  • After the service there is more time to socialise with the family – no need to leave with the hearse for a burial or cremation
  • The ashes can be scattered or interred or kept at home.
  • The cost is far more affordable
  • There are environmental benefits over embalming

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Because we cremate any pacemakers will need to be removed.  This is because of the battery it has which will explode and damage the crematorium.

Sometimes a GP is happy to do this.  If this isn’t possible we have a qualified person we can contact who can do this for us.  They are able to come to wherever the person is.  It is a simple procedure but it needs to be done by a qualified person. 

If this needs to be by us there may be an additional charge of $100 to cover this service.