Memorial Services

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A memorial service can happen at anytime after the cremation.  The service can be as unique as every life.  Family and friends can chose to remember their loved one as they wish.

After taking many funerals the major observation I have is that it is the stories shared with friends and family that people remember and enjoy the most.  As well as spending time together supporting each other.

Having time together to remember the person’s life, to laugh and cry is a very healthy way to grieve and celebrate a life lived.  So we encourage you to do this as you want rather than being told what to do.

Some people have a quiet family gathering, afternoon tea or dinner.  Others a bbq and a few drinks.  Others may chose to have a church service.


Although our service concludes when we deliver the ashes, it doesn’t mean that we are not available if you want help with a memorial service.  We have a lot of experience in many different types of services and can help you formulate what you would like to do.  It may simply be to discuss ideas or you may want us to take a service.  We are here to help you.

The person’s ashes can be present at the memorial service.  Often with photographs or other meaningful items (hobbies, tools, flowers, etc.).  If the ashes are interred or scattered this can be a meaningful conclusion.

A memorial service is a good way to allow people to say their goodbyes and support one another.

Depending on how involved you may want us helping with a memorial service there may be an additional cost.  There would, of course, be no cost to have an informal chat over ideas and options.  Therefore we would discuss this with people individually.

Other Support – Counselling

If people are finding the death of the loved one hard to cope with we are more than happy to meet with them and offer any support we can.

At Purely Cremations we may be able to offer free counselling with our trained counsellor, Camille.  It is another way we want to help support families during what can be for some a difficult time.

We know that a death can be an incredibly hard time and if we can help you during this time by offering this support we are happy to do so.